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Top Coffee, Exceptional Breakfast: Must Do Brisbane

Oct 15, 2012
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Must Do Brisbane Stones Corner Cafe Culture mag, and all round cuisine and coffee experts “Must Do Brisbane” have done a feature on Stone’s Corner, including yours truly.

In the piece which includes other local faves Grindhouse Espresso & Green Door, Must Do says Lady Marmalade Cafe “can take the credit for sparking a new lease of life back into Stones Corner”.

The piece goes on to describe our humble cafe as being a “funky-as-hell setting” and “one of those rare places that gets it right from top to toe.” They also give our Stones Corner Cafe the thumbs up for “exceptional” breakfasts and “top coffee”.

We love being a part of the resurgence of Stones Corner, and we hope you’ve enjoyed watching our cafe evolve from simple well-made food into an array of top-shelf food specials to rival any number of our contemporaries.

We couldn’t do it without you – so thank you!

Do you think they left any other Stones Corner secrets off the list?

Urbanspoon Top 100 in Brisbane: Thank Y’all

Feb 29, 2012
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We love Urbanspoon. It’s a great site, and even better App, that lets you find the most recommended restaurants and cafes anywhere in the world. Personally I love the shake feature, the number of times I’ve forgotten I was hungry, as I, App in hand, shake it looking for the best rated Mexican for $ in 5kms. But I digress.

The reason for the post is you’ve all been very generous in your praise of us on UrbanSpoon placing us in the top 100 cafes in Brisbane with, at time of rating 84% of 216 reviews liking us.

Thank you all for your kind words, for reviewing us on Social Media sites, and we pledge to keep you in great tasting food at affordable prices for as long as you’ll have us.

Some choice quotes from Urbanspoon:

“Just got back from Lady Marmalade after having one of the best breakfasts of my life. My friends looked on with food envy as I tucked into my Panko Eggs with fiesty salsa, herbed sour cream, mango chutney and greenage.. mind blowing!” Cassandra (Feb 12, 2012)

“just went back for another round of the Gringo Eggs and Saigon Iced Coffee… confirmation that this is my new all time favourite breakfast combination!” Milo (Jan 19, 2012)

“Seriously, this cafe is the best thing about Stones Corner. Possibly even Brisbane. Go there. Right now.” Jarred Zammit (Jan 14, 2012)

Voted Brisbanes Best Sandwiches by Courier Mail

Feb 1, 2012
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Voted Brisbanes Best Sandwiches

Courier Mail Best Sandwiches

Well the speculation has been rife, but we all knew in our deepest darkest quiet place that it was true: our sandwiches are really that good – just ask the Courier Mail’s year end review.

Out of all of the cafes in all of the land they had to wak into ours. I hope you guys feel the same way. Team Marmalade are ecstatic to know the hard work and dedication we put into keeping quality cuisine affordable has kept you guys satisfied thus far.

Thanks Brisbane – we owe you!

See the Courier Mail piece here. Oh, and by the way it was the Porcetta and sage mayonnaise baguette that took the honor.

See the rest of our sandwich menu.

Lonely Planet Recommends Brisbane Breakfast Cafe

Feb 1, 2012
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Lonely Planet's Recommended Brisbane Cafe

On Lonely Planet's Hot List

You don’t have to travel the world to find new great flavours, but we did it anyway.

While others spent their nights in Thailand neck-deep in Sangsom buckets, Mal went in search of the World’s Best Pad Thai. While others spend their London evenings chasing Libertines through Camden dive bars, Bec perfected her relishes and chutneys.

Of course that’s only half true. Travellers that they are Mal and Bec saw the sun rise over the Hat Rin beaches, Full Moon Partying in their wake, the taste of salt air and street meat still fresh on their lips.

While self-professed “food geek” Mal did dutifully note the flavour combinations through Asia and Europe, they scarcely could have imagined the outlet the Lady Marmalade Cafe would afford them.

Now it has come full circle. The memories still fresh in their minds of Las Ramblas baguettes, of Borough Markets tapenades and Hoi An’s dumpling soups, now Mal and Bec’s dusty old Lonely Planet guide’s are given new life and vindication by Lady Marmalade’s inclusion on Lonely Planet’s Brisbane Hotlist.

Check out Lonely Planet giving it up for Lady M Cafe here.
Brisbane's best haloumi sandwich

Brisbane's best haloumi sandwich


Courier Mail Review of Lady Marmalade Cafe

Mar 17, 2011
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“This old triangular corner shop has come a long way from its origins, morphing through several incarnations (including a second-hand video store) to its latest manifestation as a cafe that spells charm and eccentricity wherever you look.

Don’t look for its name, Lady Marmalade, painted on the windows or indeed recorded on the building in any form, because that;s one of the things that hasn’t happened yet.

There are more important things on their minds, like getting the food right, which they do very well indeed.

Meanwhile the old paint of the building’s past peels off wooden panels, the orginal brick walls are revealed to the world again, and an assortment of odd chairs and stools along the two open windows act as perching places while you sip your special single-blend coffee and watch the world go by.

There are a couple of tables on the footpaths which you can choose according to the position of the sun, the noise of the traffic and the random breezes.

So it’s in no sense traditional, glamorous or a hangout for Beautiful People, who are outnumbered by the eclectic population of this most interesting of suburbs who have decided this is the place to go for substance over style.

Almost everything is made on the premises with love, and it shows, but there’s no stinting on the presentation.

Our leek-and-potato soup of the day came in a lovely brown bowl on a big white plate, with crunchy sourdough.

It was almost thick enough to be called a stew, and it was up there with the best homemade soup I’ve ever eaten – and so much of it that at $6 it would make a full meal for a starving student, or food writer.

The menu’s not extensive – there are two categories called simply Breakfast and Sandwiches Until Sold Out, with a display cabinet of salads and cakes.

The breakfast menu has no cut-off time, and the organic spelt toast with avocado salsa and slow-roast tomato is equally appropriate for lunch ($7.50), while I could eat their savoury mince ($9.50) at any time of day.

It was made with real steak mince and not padded out with frozen vegetables or packet gravy, but had feta crumbled through it and plenty of roasted tomato, and they offered slices of buttered toast when we asked for them at no extra cost.

The brioche with mushrooms roasted in butter and goats cheese was another bargain at $9.50, and the most expensive dish, for hearty appetites only, is the baked free-range eggs on house-baked beans, and warm toast soldiers for a comforting $11.50.

Get there early enough to ensure that your favourite sandwich hasn’t sold out – mine is the hoisin duck wrap of which I got the last one ($9), filled with healthy, crunchy cucumber, carrot and fresh herbs with mayo. One of my friends always goes for one stuffed full of wagyu silverside, pickles, New York coleslaw and Jarlsberg cheese ($8).

The cakes are pretty good, too, and if you still have room, or are extra greedy, a pigeon pair of a sticky Brownie and Blondie goes well with a hot chocolate or a fancy fruit juice from the fridge.

So if you’re out that way shopping for bargains at the outlet stores, make sure to drop in for a late breakfast or lunch that won’t cost the earth.”

Why not choose Lady Marmalade Cafe to cater your next function?
'The Best Soup I've Ever Eaten' Image and text above courtesy of the Courier Mail Review by Alison Cotes

Radio Marmalade: the Saints “(I’m) Stranded”

Mar 16, 2011
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“Rock music in the seventies was changed by three bands—the Sex Pistols, the Ramones and The Saints”. This quote from Mr Live Aid himself, Bob Geldoff, catches the monday-hating Boomtown Rat talking about one thing he knows intimately: the Seventies.

Released in 1976 The Saints “(I’m) Stranded” may be Brisbane’s first classic track. Sounds magazine in the UK famously described the song as the “”single of this and every week” and more recently it was voted by Australian Musician magazine as the fourth most significant moment in the history of Australian pop/rock.

In a time when walking three abreast down Brisbane’s main artery the Queen St Mall was verboten, lead singer Chris Bailey’s vocals captured all the rage and estrangement of the Bjelke Petersen youth in 3m23s. The howls of isolation heard in lyric “I’m Stranded, yeah I am on my own” caught fire not just with locals but around the world.

So were the Saints the first ‘punk’ band? Maybe. While Detroit legends the Stooges “I wanna be your dog” captured the same manic, visceral energy, the same anarchic spirit, it lacked punk’s speed and tends to be viewed as ‘proto-punk’. While the Ramones were undeniable contemporaries, do early tracks “Blitzkreig Bop” and “I wanna be your Boyfriend” really meet the angst requirements? The Sex Pistols of course came later, as did the Vivienne Westwood’s fashion and the name punk itself. But, regardless, for a brief shining moment in 1976 the centre of punk may well have been right where you’re drinking your morning coffee, in Australia’s Northeast capital.

Know Your Product below.

Brisbane Music has a long and storied history from being one of the claimants to punks birthplace, to the early 90’s renaissance which arguably brought TripleJ’s focus more squarely on locally produced music.

Radio Marmalade will aim to bring you snapshots of the history of Brisbane music as well as the latest and greatest from around the world.

Brisbane News Review of Lady Marmalade Cafe

Mar 14, 2011
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Brisbane News Review of Lady Marmalade Cafe

This image and text courtesy of the Brisbane News Review by Justine Walpole

“Lady Marmalade’s Mushrooms May Put Stones Corner on the Map”

RATINGS: Food 9 | Drinks 8 | Ambience  8 | Service 6 (*counter service)

“Stones Corner has been something of [a] cafe black spot since the area’s characteristic discount outlets began shutting down in the early 2000’s, prompting Logan Road regulars to hunt for bargains, and pick-me-up-eats, elsewhere. A smattering of eateries, including the iconic pub and the popular Thai and sushi haunts, are still there, but for foodies, Stones Corner was just a thoroughfare for tastier fare across town.

Enter Lady Marmalade, the brainchild of hospitality veterans Malcolm Gill and his partner Rebecca Saul, which opened last year. Malcolm, now 33, has worked in restaurants and cafes since he was 15 and always has a soft spot for Stones Corner’s Replay Records, which he frequented in his heyday.

The record shop had been closed for a few years before Malcolm signed the lease on the property and started work on Lady Marmalade’s hip fit-out.

Exposed brick and granite walls, mismatched vintage furniture and crockery, and 1920’s signage, which was uncovered when the shopfront’s paint was stripped, make Lady Marmalade a funky place to sit, although it’s an even better place to eat.

I sampled the breakfast menu. It’s rather substantial considering there is no actual chef or proper kitchen. Staff members pitch in to cook and bake, sourcing local produce and top-notch breads.

Since I couldn’t settle on one dish (I rarely can), my friend and I opted to share two: the brioche with roasted mushrooms, goat’s cheese and basil ($9.90) and savoury mince on sourdough toast ($9.90).

The sourdough toast arrived first and I dug in. Piled with flavoursome roasted mushrooms with slabs of soft goat’s cheese and whole basil leaves, it was delicious, and the lightly toasted brioche made the perfect base. I shared it, reluctantly, but the mince turned out to be just as tasty, with a little spice and a side of tender roasted tomato.

The coffees were good too. Malcolm has shied away from using a well-known brand of beans and instead has Lady Marmalade’s coffee roasted to his specification in Melbourne.

My soy cappuccino ($3.50) was the perfect temperature and came doused in chocolate, while my friend’s regular cappuccino ($3) was full bodied and creamy. Both were so good that we ordered a second round.

The homemade treats in the cabinet were a little beyond us at breakfast, but I’d go back in a heartbeat for the homemade banana bread with mascarpone and honey ($6) and the most expensive dish on the menu, baked eggs with house-made beans and chorizo ($11.50).

Stones Corner may no longer be the go-to destination for designer seconds, but if Lady Marmalade (a place where you won’t be able to resist seconds) is anything to go by, it may soon be reborn – in the style of the Woolloongabba cul-de-sac – as a foodie’s paradise.”

Convinced? Why not come check us out?

Locavores: California’s Latest Trend Goes Global

Mar 13, 2011
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Is the all season tomato history?

For lover’s of America’s East Coast, the idea of California as the leading Global influence from the states seems laughable. After all New York City has given life to Punk Rock, to Abstract Expressionism, to Jazz. It is New York’s streets that have coloured the popular imagination through film and TV, through Art and literature. It was the residents of New York that ran screaming through the streets in 2001, losing two towers and prompting two wars.

California has never laid claim on any of these distinctly New York touchstones. Author Jay McInerney once characterized California as the most American of cities, it’s inhabitance as far from old europe’s influence whilst remaining on the US mainland. Perhaps it’s this thirst for the ‘new,’ this hyper-modernism that has helped cultivate a unique culture of it’s own that spread throughout the Western hemisphere.

When the Beach Boys brought Surfing to the USA it starting in Califor-ni-a. When sunbeds, sushi, oxygen bars, organics, rollerblades and flight miles came to the West, they all landed first in the US Sunshine State. And so it is with Locavores – is this the latest trend to become a California export?

The locavore movement is focused on sustainiability, on eco-friendly agriculture and especially on locally sourced ingredients. From the same well of West Coast environmentalism that introduced the ‘slow food’ movement, locavores aim to reduce the reliance on mechanized agriculture to reduce their carbon footprint, and to promote in-season plant consumption.

They have some powerful foodie allies in this goal. Famed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has thrown his influence behind a move to force UK restaurants to serve locally sourced seasonal produce. Is this the end of the all-season Strawberry?

In parallel with adherence to free markets and globalization the all-season market and fruit and vegetables has developed, producing all-year stocks from ever further reaches of the globe.

What do you think – is the locavore movement a ‘hippy-fad’ or is locally sourced seasonal food the ‘new normal’?

Eating the World’s Hottest Chilli, the Ghost Chilli

Mar 13, 2011
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World's Hottest Chili: the Ghost Chilli

Photo by Asit K. Ghosh

If ever you venture to New England’s northern reaches, forget the Diamond Joe Quimby accents, there’s one stop that’s bound to capture your attention.

Boston’s famed hell night is to chilli as La Tomatina is to tomatos: a knock-down throw-em-up no-holds-barred homage to the sainted hot pepper. By far the stand-out attraction of hell night is the Ghost Chilli, aka Bhut Jolokia, aka Naga Jolokia, aka Red Death.

The chilli is more than 100 times hotter than a Jalapeno, more than 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce, it is so hot that in parts of India the pepper is smeared on fence lines to ward off wild elephant.

At Boston’s East Coast Grill wandering pachyderms are the least of their concerns as tourist and eccentric locals pile in to go mano-a-mano with Naga Jolokia.

Man v Food’s Anthony Bourdain has taken on the skoville scale not once but twice. While his Boston trip may have only been a taste of what was to come, a trip to Sarasota Florida saw him take the Ghost chilli head-on in 420 Cafe’s “fire in your hole” hot wing challenge. The results speak for themselves.

Green Been Blog Loves Lady Mmm

Mar 10, 2011
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"Fabulous...well sourced bread, coffee, interiors, passion"

At Lady Marmalade it has been a crazy first 6 months.

Malcolm turned 33 the day the doors opened, only to be called away from his cafe to compete in the Reality TV show that dare not speak its name.

For Bec it has been an almost predestined path, with news that the season 1 My Kitchen Rules winner Veronica was a year above her at Loreto College.

Before the fame though, before the paint had even dried, the Green Been Blog was the first media to review Lady Marmalade’s foray into Stone’s Corner, an almost forgotten detination on the foodie roadmap.

Read their review here.
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